Central Pacific development gets environmental OK

My name is Aaron Dowd, and I am the managing partner of Cabo Caletas Ocean & Golf Club, which is a 450-acre oceanfront master planned community located along the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica in the town of Esterillos Oeste.

I am writing this letter in an effort to update the general public in regards to an environmental case brought against our project in April 2008 that was well publicized in many of the local newspapers and online publications.

Due to the lack of general exposure to these types of cases, I felt it was necessary to give an update to clear any doubt over the viability of our project in the eyes of the environmental agencies and the general public.

After enduring a three-year legal process during one of the worst economic cycles ever experienced, I am pleased to announce that we have finally received the official ruling which has cleared all environmental infractions that our project was charged with committing.  There are no limitations for the future development of our project, according to the master plan approved by all of the government authorities involved.

This is tremendous for all of our customers who have supported us though out this delay, our investors whose investment had been tied to an unchartered legal process and our development team members whose businesses have been delayed from employing hundreds of workers within our local economy.

We very much look forward to advancing the project especially now that this environmental case has finally been put to rest and we expect to make a few large announcements in the near future which will certainly raise the general profile for both the central Pacific of Costa Rica and Cabo Caletas Ocean & Golf Club.

Aaron Dowd
Cabo Caletas Ocean & Golf

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