Chinchilla administration prepares for court ruling

President Laura Chinchilla is meeting this morning with representatives of political parties to discuss the stand Costa Rica will take when the International Court of Justice hands down its ruling on the Río San Juan Tuesday.

No one knows what the decision will be, but Costa Rica is expecting one that is favorable to its point of view.

The president already has said that she seeks to have Costa Rican ambassadors outside the country carry the news of the decision to the international community with the hopes that they will guarantee that the court decision is upheld. The decision involves the invasion by Nicaraguan troops into Costa Rican territory in order to create a new mouth of the Río San Juan, which is the border between the two countries.

Ms. Chinchilla has said she wants ministers involved in commerce to be prepared if the flow of traffic is impeded by Nicaragua. She addressed this request to Comercio Exterior, Hacienda, Gobernación and Economía y Industría.

Ms. Chinchilla also said that the Ministerio de Seguridad Pública would reinforce the northern border to protect the national territory and the residents there.

She also charged the minister of Comunicaciones and the Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud with reaching out to various sectors of the population to reaffirm civic values, peace and respect for law.

The meeting with the political parties, both lawmakers and administrative leaders of the groups, is planned for 9 a.m.

Even if Costa Rica obtains a favorable ruling from the international court, there is no guarantee that the Nicaraguan Regime with honor it. A request by the Organization of American States that both countries withdraw troops was ignored by Managua.

Costa Rica at least expects a restraining order to keep Nicaragua from completing the river dredging that will create a mouth that will provide much quicker access into the Río San Juan. The first 30 kilometers or so of the river meanders and is heavily silted.

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