Costa Rica won the decision, why would it compromise?

Mr. John Steward’s opinion piece in Thursday’s A.M. is a thinly veiled biased argument and promotion of Nicaragua’s continued violation of the Cañas Jeréz Treaty.

Here is the current status quo:

(1.)   Nicaragua and especially Costa Rica are extremely happy with the International Court of Justice preliminary ruling.

(2.)   Costa Rica is in the envious position of having environmental specialists on the ground exactly where Nicaraguan troops used to be just a few weeks ago on Isla Portillos documenting and alleviating the environmental damage caused by Nicaragua.

(3.)   Costa Rica doesn’t seek a land grab (as in gaining Nicaraguan territory up the San Juan and/or Lake Nicaragua as suggested by Mr. Steward). Rather it only seeks to maintain the status quo which is sovereignty over its own side of the river and free navigation rights on the San Juan, which it now enjoys.

(4.)   The current diplomatic course of action including relief from the ICJ has been quite successful for Costa Rica up to this point and there is no reason to discard a working successful course of action.

Mr. Steward suggests that Costa Rica (not Nicaragua) show true statesmanship by convening a conference. They already showed true statesmanship by bringing the matter to the Organization of American States, which issued a decision and which was promptly rejected by Nicaragua.

That is how we arrived at this point. Now that the ICJ has ruled preliminarily in favor of Costa Rica, why in the world would Costa Rica want to extract a defeat from a victory?

Patrick Mccormick
Costa Rica

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