Country needs referendum on its future direction

“The issue is that Costa Rica will never reach first world status in large part is due to its failure to put the rule of law first.”

The above statement by P. H. Anders hits the nail squarely on the head. He correctly points out how the past system “worked” for the powerful few in a small country in a bygone era. However, that system is totally inadequate today and is the root cause of the crime problems Costa Rica, and other countries still using the system, now have.

That’s the problem. What’s the solution? Replace the old legal system with a new one.

Costa Rica needs to have a national referendum that:

1. Clearly identifies the history of the old system.

2. Clearly identifies the problems with it.

3. Adequately explains how a FAIR AND HONEST “rule of law” system will help.

4. Enables citizens to vote for maintaining the status quo or replacing it.

Will this happen in OUR lifetime? No. But if Costa Rica really wants to escape Third World status it has to happen eventually.

Duggo Hix
Tampa. Florida

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