Did country sell it soul for a new soccer stadium?

I thought the reader’s opinion “Shame on Costa Rica for selling out to China“ was right on.  I remember thinking, during the negotiation stages for the stadium were just beginning, how terrible it was when the great man of peace, President Arias, cancelled the visit by the Dali Lama because he didn’t want to offend the president of China.

Then during construction, realizing the whole process was controlled by China and built with 90 percent Chinese labor, it became apparent there was more to the agreement than just donation of a new stadium.

I watched the entire inauguration.  Most of the stage presentation by China was wonderful.  However, I, too, thought it ironic when the Tibetan dance was presented, considering their illegal occupation of Tibet for decades now.  President Chinchilla would have represented her country better had she been dressed in traditional Costa Rican attire rather than pay homage to the Chinese.

I am concerned that Costa Rica, the heretofore-great country of peace and human rights, has sold its soul for a few police vehicles and a new soccer stadium.

Robert Piazza
Birri de Heredia

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