Embassy warns its guests against eating peanuts here

There is not a lot of news citizens can use in the stolen cables that Wikileaks is leaking. But cables from the U.S. Embassy routinely warn arriving State Department employes against eating peanuts here.

“Visitors should be careful not to eat peanuts or products made from peanuts grown in Costa Rica because they may harbor aflatoxin, which is suspected in the causation of liver cancer,” says routine cable after cable directed to new arrivals while they still are in the United States.

The embassy was just involved in an aflatoxin dispute when local rice producers claimed imported U.S. rice was unsafe. However, the question of peanuts never came up.

The cables also warn arrivals against a host of other problems, including crime and pirate taxis. The cables also show that State Department visitors are not always housed out of town. The Embassy reports every year that due to the crime situation visiting State Department employees are note housed downtown. However, that is not always the case, the cables show.

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