Hey! Where did the so-called dry season go this year?

Two days of brief rain put San José residents on notice that the dry season isn’t always dry. The rain Monday in San José was just three-tenths of a millimeter, about .01 of an inch. That was half of what fell Sunday, according to the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional.

Elsewhere the rain was heavier. Limón got 43.3 millimeters Monday or about 1.7 inches. Limón always is contrary. When rains come to San José, Limón frequently is dry. Monday was the reverse.

The rain Monday morning in the mountains north of San José was strong enough to cancel plans to close off the vital Ruta 32 so workmen could paint lines. The Consejo Nacional de Vialidad said that the paint being used needs to be applied when there is not rain to endure.

La Garita saw 12 millimeters, nearly half an inch, Sunday, but none Monday, according to the automatic weather station there. Turrialba had a bit less, some 10.5 millimeters. The weather institute said that the month of March is characterized by weak winds, and it is the winds that keep the rain away. It predicted more hot weather today with an accumulation of clouds and possible rain in the northern zone and the Caribbean. And this could mean cloudiness and possible rain in the rest of the country, it said.

However, Monday Guanacaste and the Pacific beaches saw no rain, according to the automatic stations.

The highway agency said that workmen would try again today and said the highway would be closed off from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. unless there is wet weather. The 30-kilometer (19-mile) stretch is from the former Zurquí toll station to Quebrada González, the agency said.

The work will last at least through Friday and perhaps longer if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

The Consejo is spending 500 million colons on the job, a bit more than $1 million. Officials said that motorists could either wait or take the alternate Ruta 10 through Turrialba.

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