In support of Dog Land, a good place to get a pet

I’ve had several people ask me where I found my dogs, I tell them about a friend of ours at Dog Land, Ms. Helene Wirt.

Ms. Wirt has been in Costa Rica along time and has done animal rescue on her own, and she does need help and volunteers. Donations are a plus. With 160 dogs at her shelter, it is costly to feed this many four-legged friends. Would you guess over 1,000 kilos of dog food per month?

If anyone is looking for a pet or as some would call them a guard dog, yes, a dog will notify you if something is not right on your property, what a bark will do to alert you or scare away someone lurking around your fence or even at your window. The big plus is the comfort that a four-legged friend can give you. It’s an unconditional love that you receive back. Love, food and water is about all it takes besides a visit to the vet now and then to make sure your furball is on track.

I hope you can publish something about the work that Ms. Helene Wirt is involved in and there are always people asking where, how do I get a dog. Here is the chance to find out.

Bill Walkling

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