Jacó sweep nets drunks, gals and fake license plates

Traffic office checks what are being called fake plates. Photo: Ministerio de Gobernación, Policía y Seguridad Pública

Some 70 police officers swept Jacó Saturday night and Sunday morning, but the best they could come up with were two drunk drivers, a man they believe made his own license plates, and nearly two dozen foreigners without papers.

Officers visited eight bars and nightclubs and interviewed 220 persons, they said.

Some 23 foreigners, mostly Nicaraguan and Colombian women who worked as dancers, did not have papers, said officers. They were cited to appear before immigration officials.

On the highway, police and traffic police checked 150 vehicles and 180 persons, they said. In addition to the two drunk drivers, officers said one man appears to have fabricated his license plates from metal roofing. He had documents supporting his license plates, so he was cited for using false documents, police said.

In addition to Fuerza Pública officers and traffic police, the Policía Especial de Migración, and the Policía Municipal de Garabito participated.

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