Legislative measure creates more than 4,000 taxi permits

A new measure that would create more than 4,000 special taxi licenses for the country is advancing in the legislature. The measure is a technical change in the commercial code, but the effect would be far-reaching. A legislative panel with the power to pass laws have given the measure a favorable nod.

Affected would be the porteadores, the contract transportation drivers. The measure would create licenses up to 30 percent of the number of official taxis. The drivers under these special licenses could only carry passengers from one point to another on contract, much the same way that porteadores do now.

There is bad blood between taxi drivers and porteadores, and lawmakers have been wrestling with the situation for years. Periodically taxi drivers or porteadores stage roadblocks with their vehicles or slow-moving blockades. The measure likely will go to the Sala IV constitutional court for review.

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