Life self-discovery process uses a unique Tarot system

Susan K. Cole and some of the tools of the trade. Photo: A.M. Costa Rica

Susan K. Cole wants people to know themselves, and she gets help from the Priestess, Fortune, the Fool and a host of other symbolic characters.

Ms. Cole, who lives in San Francisco, California, is in Costa Rica to consider living here, but she also has a desire to continue her 30 years of using the Thoth version of Tarot cards as a tool to help individual and even groups to see themselves.

The 72 cards in a Thoth deck frequently are considered to be something mystical, more at home with the witches of Escazú than a 64-year-old Kansas City, Kansas, native.

Ms. Cole, who trained as a teacher and a dancer at the university of Wisconsin acquired her practical psychology informally, but when she first picked up a tarot deck she said the cards “opened up something I already knew.”

Now she travels the world finding individuals who “are burned out on that old psychology junk.”

Each card in a tarot deck is replete with symbolisms, and it is with these that Ms. Cole plumbs the mind of the individuals she meets in her consultations. She agrees that the cards are not something to predict the future but that they simply provide an entry point for self discovery. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of the symbols and cards and also uses numerology.

Costa Rica gets more than its fair share of scamsters, fakes and charlatans. To some extent, the expat population here has a disproportional number of vulnerable persons in search of something. It is this group that Ms. Cole hopes to reach with her unique methods. She said her years as a trainer at a major insurance company, her work as a dancer therapist and with deaf children, as well as time with the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, prepare her to help others discovery why they are on the planet.

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