Mardi Gras taking streets in many parts of world

From Brazil to the United States, Carnival celebrations are picking up, with the grand finale, Mardi Gras, just days away.

In Rio de Janeiro, the party kicked off Friday after the mayor handed the key to the city to the mythical figure, King Momo, who reigns over carnival’s five-day marathon of dancing in the streets, parades and alcohol.

In the United States, the first of hundreds of thousands of expected revelers are in New Orleans, Louisiana, for one of the largest Mardi Gras celebrations in the country.

From the famed Bourbon Street, masked revelers are dancing their way across the city, usually with the help of plenty of libations.

The around-the-clock party features several parades of floats that wraps up on Tuesday, Fat Tuesday, ahead of Wednesday’s start of Lent.

In Costa Rica there is no tradition of a pre-Lenten carnival, although there may be private parties.

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