Money laundering case draws preventative detention

The Juzgado Penal de San Ramón has remanded three persons to preventative detention for a year in a case of money laundering involving Banco Popular.

A couple with the last names of Mora Badilla and Alfaro Castro are accused of using credit issued by the bank to hide money-laundering activities. The Poder Judicial identified them Wednesday. They were detained Tuesday. The bank officer has the last names of Hidalgo Hidalgo, said the Poder Judicial.

The financial maneuvers were detected by bank officials in 2009 and turned over to the Unidad de Inteligencia Financiera del Instituto Costarricense sobre Drogas, said the Poder Judicial. The couple was using credit advanced by the bank to purchase property and other goods, said the Poder Judicial. The credit was paid off quickly with funds alleged to be from a Mexican drug cartel, said the Poder Judicial.

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