Northern border crossing is true mess and inefficient

As a tourist who has crossed the border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua for at least the last five years I cannot believe the amount of money that is wasted with the amount of large [18 wheelers] that sit and sit for miles and miles on both sides of the borders.

As a country that is mostly a transit country between South America and North America, it seems to me that a better way of moving these trucks would produce a lot more income for Costa Rica. But, maybe that would include the fact that the border personal would have to WORK for the whole time that they are on shift.

We have loved being and traveling around Costa Rica but things like the very poor way that a trading border
is processed, the way a blind eye is turned to the way police ask and get bribes from visitors that are caught in speed traps, and the watching of the locals that travel on bus or private car spending a lot of there travel time littering the highways by throwing anything that they have there out on to the highway.

Maybe A.M. Costa Rica should send a reporter to the border and spend at least a couple of days watching how this border works [or better to say how it does not really work].

It would be very interesting to see what a publication of any caliber would have to say about what is going on at that border of Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

Dick Low
Key West, Florida

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