One road might be back into full service tonight

With luck and favorable weather, workmen will complete painting lines and installing lane markers today on Ruta 32 that connects San José with the Caribbean coast.

The road will be closed from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. That is a change in time from last week. This is the last section of the highway to be repainted. There are two stretches remaining that still have to be painted. One is where the highway leaves San José, and the other is near Matina.

Work continues of two other highways. The management of the Autopista del Sol said that repairs on a closed section of that road would take longer than expected. The firm said that workers for a contractor hired by the government did not work weekends, and the highway’s concessionaire expected consecutive days of work.

The highway had been closed for two weeks while efforts are made to repair places where the highway slumped and where there now is a bailey bridge in place. The bridge is being removed, and the highway is being repaired. Part of the roadway slipped downhill. This is the San José-Caldera highway. Traffic is being detoured onto the Interamericana Norte.

The infamous bridge over the Río Virilla on the Autopista General Cañas will be closed this weekend while workmen try to fix the crumbling concrete on the new deck for the bridge. Traffic has been restricted there since right after Christmas. The bridge deck was replaced as were rebars. But within a few days of reopening the bridge to full use, the concrete began to flake off.

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