Playas del Coco bar owner dies in possible bike robbery

A bar owner from Playas del Coco is dead, and he may have been the victim of bicycle robbers.

The Judicial Investigating Organization identified the man by the last name of Camacho. He was 43, they said.

Camacho left his home about 11 p.m. Tuesday. His body was found not far from his home Wednesday morning. Agents said that he was traveling on a bike valued at 400,000 colons or about $800. The bike, his cell telephone, jewelry and money were missing, said agents.
The man showed bruises, scrapes and a bullet wound in the neck, agents said.

If he was killed because of the bike, he is the second person to have become a murder victim for that reason. A Central Valley man died Jan. 30 in La Unión in a robbery.

The first victim was a competition cyclist.

Police have stepped up patrols on bike paths and during announced competitions. There have been several arrests, including one in Guanacaste last week. But these cases did not involve murder.

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