Police thwart armed robbery of expensive racing bike

A man with a knife confronted a cyclist in San Josécito de Alajuelita Sunday and stole his racing bike, but the Fuerza Pública said it tracked a suspect down and recovered the bike.

They said the man also is linked in an attack a week earlier on a cyclist where the victim was threatened with a knife and hit with a rock. That bike was valued at 1 millions colons, just over $2,000.

The bike Sunday had a value of about 350,000 colons, police said. That’s about $705.

The bike robbery suspect was identified as an 18 year old with the last names of Arauz Alvarado, said police.

Robbing expensive bikes is the new target of choice by crooks. Competition cyclists have expensive bikes and usually ride into unfamiliar areas. The murder of Mauricio Castro Hidalgo served as a wake-up call to police and sports cyclists. Castro and companions were confronted by robbers Jan. 30 as they practiced on a back road near Linda Vista de la Unión.

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