Postal service honors well-known sculptor Deredia

Costa Rican sculptor Jorge Jiménez Deredia has been honored with a commemorative postage stamp bearing his image and those of works he created.

The artist, who uses the name Deredia, creates monumental works, and many are inspired by the pre-Columbian stone spheres of southern Costa Rica.

“In his work, he started to reflect the extraordinary creative influence received by observing the monumental granite spheres, produced by the pre-Columbian civilization of the Borucas,” says a biography on his Web site. “Those artifacts of mysterious primordial strength moved the sculptor towards studies as much of shape and material used, as of function and symbology derived from the sphere and circle.”

The commerative set of stamps, in addition to the artist’s face, contains photos of his Genesis works:  “Génesi Ricordo profondo,” “Continuación,” “Ricordo profondo” and “Pareja.”

The stamps are 395 and 225 colons.

Deredia has held many exhibits in Europe and is probably the best-known Costa Rican artist on the continent.

Correos de Costa Rica said that 1,000 first-day covers were issued. This includes the stamps and photos of the artist’s spherical women.

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