Pot raid was an invasion of man’s private property

In reply to the article concerning the gentleman who was busted for having 24 plants of medical grade cannabis.

After reading this article, I had to ask myself: do I feel safer knowing that some “control freak” element of the government can charge into Mr. Navarro’s home (private property) & ROB him of his belongings? In this case his cannabis medicine !

Was this gentleman an important threat to this community . . . or was he more of a threat to the STRUCTURE of CONTROL established for us “FREE MEN” by those who feel they know better than YOU what is best for YOU ? The “rules” that violate our God-given rights, as well as all known definitions of human rights. The rules that it seems no amount of REASON or SCIENCE can deter . . . just like rules the KING made.

This action is NOT to be taken lightly as it is nothing less than a clear message to all who THINK they have rights, who BELIEVE they are free !  YOUR PROPERTY & YOUR PRIVACY are essentially not yours. Your sovereign domain over your own body is now compromised by RULES, some shady laws that are never placed into the light of day for public debate.

No, I do not fear Mr. Navarro and I’m sure his neighbors do not either. I fear those who fear the principles of liberty & personal freedom, and I fear there minions who for a paycheck or a badge and gun will attack and demonize non-violent citizens.

Readers will enjoy seeing an educational video by G. Edward Griffin called Individualism vs. Collectivism (22 minutes). It can be found on YouTube or Google Video.

Michael Dodson
San Pablo de Turrubares

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