Quick fix is predicted for crumbling bridge

The contractor who renovated the bridge over the Río Virilla has reported that the deteriorating concrete can be fixed in just one weekend.

Exactly when that will be done probably will be announced early this week. That means there will likely be more traffic restrictions on the Autopista General Cañas where the bridge is located.

The contractor, Soares de Costa, will bear the expense because the new renovation has not yet been accepted by the Ministerio de Obras Pública y Transportes.

The concrete is crumbling under traffic and the rebars that were placed on the bridge deck are beginning to show. The ministry said that about 10 percent of the bridge deck is affected, but that may be a low estimate.

The contractor plans to use an air compressor to blow up the crumbled concrete and install a fresh mixture. Officials still are uncertain what happened, and some blame the rebar and other suggest the concrete was faulty.

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