Sala IV backs executive branch on Isla Calero appeal

The Sala IV constitutional court has rejected an appeal that accused the government of dragging its feet on the Isla Caldero invasion.

The case was brought by a man identified as Jaime Gutiérrez Góngora who sought a court order making the Chinchilla administration use the Fuerza Pública to evict Nicaragua troops from the national soil.

The constitutional court said the decision not to use force and to seek support from various international organizations was the exclusive right of the executive branch in exercising the rights the Costa Rican constitution has assigned to it.
A summary of the decision was released Sunday by the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Culto, which has taken the lead role in the situation. The appeal went to the Sala IV Jan. 31, and the decision was made Feb. 23. There was no explanation why the summary was delayed.

Gutiérrez is a highly respected urologist who also writes opinion pieces on politics and history.

The International Court of Justice March 8 issued a temporary order requiring both Costa Rica and Nicaragua to leave the Isla Calero in northeastern Costa Rica.

A decision by the court was sought by the Chinchilla administration after Nicaragua rejected a similar request from the Organization of American States.

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