Shame on Costa Rica for selling out to China

I am very disappointed in Costa Rica and their selling out to Communist China. I watched most of the grand inauguration of the new stadium. Costa Rica has been a very strong anti-Communist country for decades. Ticos have literally hated the concept of communism. They were scared to death that Nicaragua would be a communist satellite back in the 80s.

Some Ticos were afraid of the political group PAC thinking they represented too much of a communist lean. Yet it was no problem for over 1,000 Chinese to come here and build the stadium. That is something that was never allowed in this country. If a job could be done by a Tico, then it was done by a Tico. How easy it is to bend or break the rules when so much influence is brought on.

Now the Ticos embrace the largest Communist regime on the planet. It was quite pitiful to see President Laura Chinchilla dressed in a Chinese outfit for the inauguration of the new stadium. Ex-president Arias couldn’t praise the Communist country any more than he did.

Óscar Arias who won a Nobel Peace Prize and used the money to establish a human rights organization now embraces one of the most brutal regimes in the world, all for the sake of money. The Chinese had the audacity to sing a song and a dance in honor of Tibet which they overtook and conquered and have continued to destroy that entire culture.

I am sorry to see Costa Rica sell its soul for a soccer stadium and some chump change given to them by their now best friend, China. Shame on Costa Rica and shame on Ticos for selling out to a Communist country like China.

Henry Kantrowitz
Punta Leona

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