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Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day scientists have made a startling discovery: Guinness beer tastes much better in Ireland than other parts of the world.

Honest. It was all part of a 14-country taste test.

Costa Rica was not included because the only Guinness available here comes from bottles, and true Guinness comes from the tap. Slowly.

According to the Institute of Food Technologists, four researchers from four different countries traveled around the world for a year to collect data on Guinness and related factors. They participated in 103 tastings. Some 42 were in Ireland and 61 were elsewhere. They visited 71 different pubs in 33 cities and 14 countries, the institute said.

The study, published in the Journal of Food Science, applied statistical corrections for adjusting for researcher, pub ambience, Guinness appearance, and the sensory measures mouthfeel, flavor, and aftertaste, said the institute.

Tasting scores for pints of Guinness were generally high all around the world, yet tastings in pubs in Ireland scored significantly higher, said a summary reporting the study.

This study aimed to test the much-pronounced but poorly supported theory that “Guinness does not travel well,” said the institute.

The researchers said that the results are subject to further verification because of limitations in the study design. In other words, they will seek another grant to do more pub crawling.

Guinness is the signature dark beer of Ireland, and it is known for the creamy head and the need to pour the liquid slowly.

St. Patrick’s Day this year is a Thursday, which could mean a long weekend for those drinkers who start early.

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