The Costa Rican way is to come up short

So typical of Costa Rica. The Chinese build an entire state-of-the-art stadium in no time. All the Ticos had to do was draw the demarcation lines for the football pitch and put in place the goal posts. Come to find out the goal posts are 6 centimeters short and the dimensions of the pitch were short.

All of this was found out Thursday, three days before the inauguration. Now they are having to paint over the previous marked white lines using green paint and “erasing” where they can. The kicker is that these were government topographers who were hired to do the job. Yes, the same folks that are used for demaracation of property lines throughout the country and even responsible for the demarcation of the country’s borders.

I’m sorry I’m ranting, but this is just so typical of the Costa Rican way.

Hugh Alexander Monge Salas
Los Angeles, California
Manuel Antonio

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