The planet is in chaos with quake and nuclear peril

I enjoyed the letter by Mr. Axel Marquardt referring to the HAARP program and the comparison to Al Gore’s fantasy about global warming. If anyone who knew Al Gore’s lifestyle really believed that he cares about global warming, they would also believe the conspiracy theory about HAARP. Mr. Gore lives in a palace of a home that is anything but energy efficient, as well as driving around in a fleet of vehicles that would embarrass a Saudi sheik.

As far as HAARP goes, there is NO evidence one way or the other to prove whether or not it is harmful to the weather or people in general. But I was amazed that Mr. Marquardt and I agree that it is an arrogant fallacy to believe that humans can reshape the future of the climate of the planet in a noticeable way in 10,000 years, but that HAARP can do so now.

The planet is currently in chaos, due to an earthquake and a man made nuclear plant that is in peril, and we have wars and rumors of wars all over the planet, just like the Christian Bible has predicted, So it would seem we have more to worry about than climate change and HAARP. We should focus our energy, on saving the survivors of the Japanese disaster, and the survivors of the revolutions now taking place around the globe. But I guess we all have our own priorities !

Fred Cole
Nuevo Arenal

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