There seemed to be little reaction among members of public

The Isla Calero situation seems to have failed to resonate with the Costa Rica public.

There have been no marches or protests. The only violence came from motorists who threw a firebomb at the Nicaraguan Embassy in November.

Analysis of the News

The central government has been preoccupied with the invasion by Nicaraguan soldiers and the efforts to create a new mouth for the Río San Juan in northern Costa Rica. But the area is a wetlands, isolated and of little economic value.

No students have marched. No unions have picketed. And the bulk of the taxi drivers in the country were listening to music or soccer news Tuesday when the international Court of Justice handed down a preliminary decision.

Expats in e-mails repeated their frustration that President Laura Chinchilla had not taken direct action when the Nicaraguan soldiers first appeared on Costa Rican territory.
The government had in place elaborate security measures in case local trouble followed the release of the decision.

There was no need to put the plans into action, in part because the decision provided something for everyone regardless of which country they supported.

Ms. Chinchilla listened to the decision on a computer at her office along with her cabinet, and a Casa Presidencial photographer took mostly photos of a jubilant president. She later gave a talk at the Tribunal Supremo de Elecciones.

The executive branch has avoided beating a patriotic drum, and the drawn out court process has left many in the public bored with the situation.

That probably is not the case in the small section of Costa Rica in the vicinity of the disputed territories. Barra de Colorado residents worry what Nicaraguan dredging will do to the flow of the Río Colorado. They are happy that the dispute brought more police to the small town and renewed interest in social programs from the central government.

There also are plans for development.

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