Traffic expected to be opened both ways at Cambronero

The Interamericana Norte at Cambronero is expected to be back in full service this morning because transport officials say they have fully installed a second temporary bridge.

The location is 87 kilometers west of San José. The route is critical because the San José-Caldera highway is closed at Atenas to Orotina for repairs.

The highway at Cambronero slid downhill, and the Consejo Nacional de Vialidad, the highway agency, installed a single bailey bridge that allowed one-way traffic. There were massive tie ups.

Now the second bridge is in place, and it is wide enough for heavy truck traffic the agency said. So traffic will be able to move in two directions at the same time.

The washout happened Sept. 8, and workmen installed a larger pipe under the road. The new bridge is 39 meters (128 feet) long.

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