U.S. republic is in jeopardy from sleepy acceptance

Kudos to Axel Marquardt of San José for an excellent article on HAARP. I wonder how many people take the time to read and research important matters? Judging by the sleepy acceptance of what the world conspirators led by Obama for his handlers, I would say that “Dancing with the Stars,” Jerry and Maury and the titillation of mostly poor and illiterate black and white women bringing their dirty linen to the public forum, along with children that cannot spell ( TXT) or do simple math that the elite planners of the conspiracy to rule the globe has almost come full circle.

If those of you in South America believe that Obama is your new Santa Claus, think again, as I think he is worse than Bush. This U.S.A. is no longer a free standing Republic. And for those who wish to continue to be Imprisoned, they may continue to drink the water laced with lithium and other planned depressants.

The U.S.A. will soon morph into a consortium along with Canada and Mexico, which is almost finished as a free standing nation (already a fascist police state fighting for it’s life) and cannot even  keep it’s police or military from being corrupted (over 40,000 dead from drug wars).

AmeriKa needs to awaken so we can spell its once proud name correctly.

Milt Farrow
Titusville. U.S.A.

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