U.S. research program blamed for climate change

Alongside a small portion of the globalists’ agenda, namely ripping people and nations off for trillions of USD and tangible assets on behalf of a universal carbon tax/emission trade to be managed by the U.N., specifically our most recent visitor Mr. Al Gore, the Northern Hemisphere celebrated the beginning of spring yesterday. Greenland experienced a beautiful sunny day with the coldest temperatures of -47 C during the day and -59 C at night (Saturday it was -61C) with only 1959 having been slightly colder at -65.9 C.

Contrary to the mainstream media’s (et al) relentless attacks on global-warming-on-behalf-of-CO2 deniers, CO2 certainly has nothing to do with earth’s temperatures, and people are warned to believe those misanthropist quacks who tell them differently on behalf of the flow of big funding, jobs, grants and personal profiling. Greenland’s 2-kilometer firm ice sheet attests to its own early history of warm summer days and wonderfully cool evenings in the midst of lush pine forests teeming with butterflies and beetles and shows that our planet’s climate has not been, is not and will not be affected by the activities of man on earth.

The only method causing or contributing to man-made climate change is Tesla’s HAARP technology owned and operated by the U.S. military and advocated by Cheney et al. as a tool for the U.S. “full spectrum dominance.”

Happily or blissfully ignorant (pseudo-) scientists (often with a Ph.Ds) may revolve under their warm blankets when finally learning about the cloak-and-dagger ways global politics work. Perhaps Gore’s visit and the meteorological slime oozing out from him and the collaborating La Nación “newspaper” did raise an eyebrow with them too, although I assume their efforts at cognitive dissonance reduction are plugging away strongly…?!

Axel Marquardt
Hamburg, Germany,
San Jose, Costa Rica

EDITOR’S NOTE: HAAAP is the U.S. High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program which has been blamed for causing illness and also for floods worldwide.

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