Women’s Peace League forms group in Belén

he Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom here has formed an English speaking group in Cariari de San Antonio de Belén.  Members meet to discuss and work on issues concerning peace, non violence and justice at local and international levels.

The Women’s League has a group in Heredia which is basically in Spanish but translation can be provided, and a group in San José which works mostly on human rights issues primarily for immigrant and working women and youth at risk.

The Women’s League was founded in the Hague in 1915 to examine the causes of war to prevent armed conflicts and has expanded with sections in many countries and an international office in Geneva.  The league has no religious or political leanings and is open to men as well.

For information on the Cariari group readers may call Estilita, 2293-6430.  For the Heredia group, they may  call Mitzi at 2433-7078 or visit www.women4peaceincr.blogspot.com

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