World Press report tells of narco invasion here

I opened your online newspaper today expecting to see front page coverage reflecting the U.S. world press report on MSNBC that Costa Rica is becoming the next victim of the Mexican drug war as reported this morning.

Is this not important news to a country who’s number one source of income is tourism?

Is it not important that as Costa Rica becomes the next victim in the funnel of narco terrorism toward the Mexican boarder, American tourists will stay away from Costa Rica in droves as witnessed in Mexico?

Is it not important that a country such as our dear Costa Rica who suffers not only from a totally, completely inept police and legal system has not a snowball’s chance in hell of fending off the criminals that the entire Mexican army is being overwhelmed by?

The Mexican gangs are buying up the Tico Pacific fishing fleet, farms/fincas for processing, trucking and airplanes. They will have no problem scraping up the spare change necessary to completely buy every policeman in Costa Rica’s inept/corrupt police force?

Law and order are already a thing of the past in Costa Rica and as the narco powers wash over the Tico country. Be ready to wave goodbye to tourism and extranjero home sales. Law and order is no more that a bad joke in Tico land.

This should be your lead story today.

All best wishes and good luck to a doomed Tico “legal system” that has no army, and a piss-poor track record of anything resembling law and order. I am so glad to be gone.

What a sad fate awaits a once wonderful country who has never been able to come to grips with dealing with any concept tied to the future. Buena suerte y Pura Frijolles!

Loren Salazar

EDITOR’S NOTE: We believe the story in question originally appeared in Thursday’s New York Times.

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