Year predicted to be wetter with earlier seasonal change

Costa Rican weather experts are predicting a wetter than average year. Figures released Wednesday predict 30 percent more rain in the Central Valley and central Pacific with 35 percent more in Guanacaste. Even the Caribbean will be wetter, said the estimates with the Limón Centro area getting 10 percent more rain and the southern Caribbean getting 5 percent.

No part of the country will have below average amounts, said the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional.

For a location like Jacó and Quepos, the predictions are for 42 inches additional rain, some 1,075 millimeters, said the weather agency.

2010 also was a wet year with the central Pacific getting 78 percent more rain than normal, some 2,796 millimeters or about 110 inches.

The weather institute also said that the season already was changing in the south Pacific. That is the place where the rainy season ends latest and begins earliest.

The agency predicted the beginnings of the rainy season in the central Pacific April 16 to 20. In the Central Valley the dates are April 26 to 30. In the north Pacific, the seasonal change is predicted to be May 1 to 5. In all cases these are earlier than normal by about a week or two.

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