Young criminals recruited because the system is lax

Follow the money seems to be the theme of detectives to nab criminals. At least I hear that often watching shows like “Law and Order.” An article last week reported on the two adults arrested for laundering money, valuables and guns while using juveniles to commit extortion on law abiding citizens.

The opportunity exists for these adult thugs to use juveniles to commit these crimes because of the lax judicial system for punishing not only adult criminals, but especially the so-called youth. I’ve hit on this before in at least one previous article and the situation seems to be escalating.

It would be my wish and hope that A.M. Costa Rica takes the initiative to follow this one case in particular. Lets the readers see what the Judicial system does with these two adults and the seven so-called youths as far as prosecuting and the punishments that will follow.

Does anyone think that in this lax judicial system here towards violent youth will have an answer to rehabilitate them and release them on society. I would bet it all that they will be out the revolving door to terrorize the citizenry in short time. Wikileaks has it right about embassy staff being houses away from the crime ridden areas of Costa Rica. “Oliver Twist” by Charles Dickens, indeed!

Tom Ploskina
Nuevo Arenal

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