15-year-old girl, in search of her pet, dies in flaming home

A 15-year-old girl died in a fire that swept her home late Saturday because she stayed on the structure to find a pet dog, firefighters said.

The blaze, later blamed on an electrical problem, took place in La Trinidad de Moravia.

Fire officials said that the girl escaped the blaze along with her parents and a 12-year-old brother. All of them managed to get onto a roof from the second-floor window of the home. The parents and the brother jumped to safety into a neighbor’s yard after a sofa was positioned to cushion their fall.

The girl, however, remained on the roof, and firefighters said the roof finally gave way and she fell into the flaming first floor. The girl’s body was found in a bathroom on the
first floor, said a report from the Cuerpo de Bomberos. She was the nation’s first fire death in 2011, the bomberos said.
Her name was not available immediately.

Earlier Saturday Firemen in Cartago extinguished a blaze they said they believe was set. The fire was in the center of town in an apartment. Inside was an 82-year-old man, they said.

The man suffered burns of the head and his lungs, said firemen. He was in Hospital Max Perralta. Firemen managed to save the bulk of the structure, and the case was turned over to the Judicial Investigating Organization.

Sunday another electrical problem, this one in a television set, caused a blaze in living quarters occupied by a man who was on oxygen. Firemen managed to get him from the scene without damage.

They said he suffered from emphysema.

The blaze was in La Uruca about 7:50 a.m., a fire report said.

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