Acoustics, music failings hurt Shakira’s performance

A long-awaited concert for Costa Rica with one of the most famous international stars was a bit disappointing Sunday night. Nothing to do with the performance of Shakira. But rather the organization of the acoustics within the stadium.

After a two-and-a-half hour delayed start, the first song went with an unsettled booing from the crowd. Apparently the microphone of Sharika wasn’t working properly. It took midway through the second song of predominately booing that the concert was halted. After a 15-minute adjustment, the concert resumed. Still with an inadequate volume that required audience members to strain to hear well over the other instruments.

Along with the poor acoustics at the stadium, the mixing of tracks and instruments was less than professional. The crowd sounded louder singing along with Shakira than Shakira herself. You couldn’t hear her own singing. But her famous moves and pelvic vibrations help offset some of the discrepancies. After all isn’t that what helped her get famous.

The whole concert lasted only an hour and a half. One of the shortest concerts I have ever attended. Which included the encores of “Hips Don’t Lie” and “The World Cup Sud Africa” song. She was also the only act there. No warmup bands. And not counting a DJ who tried doing something. But once again the volume of his mike was horrible and inaudible. When he was through, the audience waited another hour of no music being piped through the speakers that could be heard. That is a must at all concerts, playing music very loud before and in-between acts. That should of been a clue with the stage hands and engineers to fix the problem before Shakira took the stage.

The last concert I attended was the Green Day concert at the old Ricardo stadium. That blew away Shakira’s concert. We love you Shakira, and it wasn’t your fault. You are still the most hottest and talented artist alive right now.

The national stadium needs to get their ACT together if they plan to continue entertaining concert venues. Acoustics is THE main priority. A set of real sound engineers a MUST. And they must do comprehensive sound checks during the day before the concert.

There is a lot of room for improvement. Lets hope it is accomplished before the next major musical event.

*Mr. Petretti is a reader who volunteered this review.

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