Another taxi protest snarls the downtown for most of the day

A.M. Costa Rica photo

Wednesday saw one of those reoccurring protests by licensed taxi drivers. The drivers were careful not to block completely vital Avenida Central that runs past the legislative complex.

But traffic police had no such qualms. They blocked the entire street with heavy machinery and barriers.

The result was a traffic nightmare that lasted through evening rush hour. The purpose of the prohibition of certain license plate digits during the weekdays is supposed to increase traffic flow downtown. But whatever was gained by restricting those vehicles with plates ending in 5 and 6 was lost by the snail pace of traffic.

Avenida Central is a major bus route. All traffic had to detour past the Estación al Atlántico and the Biblioteca Nacional. The tie ups had a chain reaction effect through much of the downtown.

Taxi drivers were protesting the lack of action by legislators in finalizing an agreement that subjected porteadores to the same rules as licensed drivers. The porteadores also stage protests and block roadways. They are the contract drivers who sprung up because officials let them. Look for their protest next week.

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