Cameramen gunned down while on San Salvador bus

A 39-year-old television cameraman in El Salvador died Tuesday when someone shot him in the head on a public bus.

The victim was Alfredo Hurtado, who was for the past two years a cameraman with the news program Teleprensa aired by Canal 33 television. He was riding in a public bus about 7 p.m. in the Ilopango district of San Salvador when he was shot several times in the head. His assailants fled.

Police investigators initially discarded robbery as the motive.

While the reason for Hurtado’s death remains unknown, Canal 33 said in a press release that “there are firm beliefs that his murder could have been linked to his work as a cameraman for the Teleprensa newscast during the nighttime, mostly covering the police beat.”

The station added that awareness of a certain criminal act was one of the main theories currently being pursued in the investigations. Local news media also said that gangs operated in the neighborhood where Hurtado lived and had committed a number of crimes there.

Members of Hurtado’s family said that he and his wife had been receiving threats.

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