Cops take lead to burn Judas in Lindora de Santa Ana

Traditionally the Judas effigy gets a trip around the community on bike or motorcycle before being hung and burned. Photo: Ministerio de Gobernación, Policía y Seguridad Pública/Paul Gamboa

Fuerza Pública officers were out in force Saturday night to put the lid on the traditional quema de Judas that has frequently led to excesses by youth mobs and even set fires.

In Lindora de Santa Ana, an area that has seen its share or violence on the night before Easter, police acted first.

Yadelly Noguera, the chief of the Fuerza Pública in Santa Ana, said that officers met earlier with local association leaders and actively participated in setting up the activities for the evening.

Elsewhere, however, there were confrontations between police and young vandals. In a string of communities in Heredia there were arrests. The full total is not yet available. More than 260 police were on the job.

In Lindora one effigy was dressed for the part with robe, wig and sandals. Effigy No. 2 was ready for the prom. No. 3 appeared to be from outer space.

In addition to supervising the burning of three figures representing the bibical Judas, Fuerza Pública officers organized a competition for youths to climb a greased pole.

Participants said they expended most of their energy in the competition and had little left to participate in vandalism.

Judas, of course, is the turncoat apostle who was said to have pointed out Jesus Christ so he could be arrested, thereby setting off the most famous trial and execution in western civilization.

Cruz Roja workers also participated in the Lindora gathering.

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