Daily life of Chinese stadium workers captured in photos

Images of the Chinese workers who built the new national stadium are preserved in a photo exhibition that will hang in the stadium for five years. The exposition was inaugurated this week.

It is by Rándall Campos, who titled the 110 photographic works “Escarlata Marrón,” which recalls the scarlet coveralls worn initially by the Chinese laborers and how they eventually turned brown from wear.

The Chinese workers were an oddity for most Costa Ricans because they went about their job aggressively and kept to themselves. Costa Ricans joke that the 22 months the Chinese needed to build the $85 million stadium was the same period that the Costa Rican transport ministry needed to fix the Rio Virilla bridge on the Autopista General Cañas. And that is not fixed yet.

The 35,000-seat soccer stadium was built by Anhui Foreign Economic Construction as a gift from the People’s Republic of China in exchange for Costa Rica repudiating its diplomatic relations with Taiwan.

The inauguration of the exposition was at the stadium. Included are photos of the former stadium that was demolished.

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