Daylight home invasion in Grecia ends in two arrests

A bold daylight home invasion in Grecia ended Wednesday in arrests in San José.

The Judicial Investigating Organization said that two men showed up at a Greaci home about 8 a.m. and then pulled guns. The bandits carried off portable electronics goods such as computers and flat screen televisions, said the agency. They even took an electronic piano before they fled.

Judicial agents in the anti-robbery squad said they began
checking out the locations of known fences in the San José area. They were able to find a car that matched a description of that of the bandits in Barrio Cuba. In the car were some items that matched those stolen in Grecia, they said.

Two men, 23 and 25 were detained at the scene.

The Grecia case underscores the fact that more and more San José criminals are heading to the suburbs where they are less likely to run into a heavy police presence. The case also shows that fences or those who deal in stolen goods seldom are punished.

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