Employees accused of copying credit cards for own use

Once again employees of firms that take credit cards have been accused of making copies of the cards customers gave them.

One suspect worked at a service station, A second worked in a company that sold vacation packages.

The Judicial Investigating Organization conducted raids that led to the arrest of four men Thursday.

The case once again reinforced the basic rule that customers should never let their credit card out of their sight.

The men are accused of using sophisticated equipment to copy the electronic information on customer credit cards and then using this information to make clones.
The suspects are a 23-year-old Costa Rican, identified as the leader, and three middle-aged Cubans.

The complaint was filed by the Credomatic firm that issues credit cards. Cardholders of the company were victims, agents said.

Agents said the credit card crooks ran up about $16,000 in bogus bills by making purchases with the cloned cards at retail outlets in the metro area.

Similar cases involved employees at restaurants and other retail outlets where customer’s cards could be copied quickly without their knowledge.

Prosecutors asked that the three Cuban men were remanded to preventative detention for six months, said the Poder Judicial

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