Environmental experts plan to visit Isla Calero today

Environmental experts are expected to set foot on the disputed territory at Isla Calero today, and Costa Rica has asked Nicaragua to insure their safety.

Costa Rica is acting in response to an interim decision of the International Court of Justice that said the country could survey the area where Nicaraguan troops invaded for environmental damage.

However, a dispute developed as to whether Nicaragua has to give permission. The court only said that Costa Rica has to advise Managua, but Nicaraguan officials claim they have to approve the visits.

The group today includes local and international experts. None of the visitors will be armed, the Costa Rica foreign ministry said.

Nicaraguan soldiers cut trees and made a path for what will become a new mouth for the Río San Juan. In addition to terming the situation an invasion, Costa Rica also stressed the environmental damage, although the area is remote. The area is part of a wetland of international importance, and officials with that international convention are part of the group today.

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