Fight coverage called surgically sterilized

I just read the surgically sterilized A.M. Costa Rica versionof the title boxing match Thursday night.  I expected a more honest description of the fight from A.M. Costa Rica, but it was not there.  The title fight Thursday night was a political farce from the moment Melisenda Pérez stepped into the ring amid the boos of the local crowd, to the multiple appearances of the current president, whom I used to think was somehow different from the rest.  Well, I guess politics is always politics.  The new name for boxing in Costa Rica is: “The WWF comes to Costa Rica.”

It was apparent from round one that Melisenda Pérez was not the most worthy opponent for Hanna Gabriel, and the circus side show?  That was something befitting a P.T. Barnum event.  What a farce.

I am not taking anything away from Hanna Gabriel.  She clearly showed style and a good boxing technique.  She deserved to win.  However, the pomp and circumstance swirling around the fight did not paint Costa Rica in a good light.   They are clearly proud of “their” new stadium and they should be because it is a jewel, but who built it?  Who paid for it?  Pride is one thing, but there is no need for an orchestrated circus sideshow to show that pride.

Bring in the clowns,

Jim Sayers
David, Panamá

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