Hanna Gabriel retains her title with impressive KO

Hanna Gabriel, the Costa Rican women’s boxing world champion, disposed of her challenger with a flurry of punches to the head a minute and 18 seconds into round seven Thursday night.

U.S.-Mexican boxer Melisenda Pérez seemed to lead with her face during the entire fight, and Ms. Gabriel landed rights and lefts repeatedly.

Twice President Laura Chinchilla tried to share the spotlight with the 28-year-old fighter. Before the fight the president entered the ring and declared her support for Ms. Gabriel. She did so a second time after the victory in the new national stadium.

The outcome of the fight never appeared to be in doubt. Ms. Gabriel seemed to be in command most of the time stalking her opponent. Sometimes Ms. Pérez would charge throwing punches wildly.
The 20-year-old challenger did not seem to be affected by the repeated pounding until the seventh round.

Ms. Gabriel maneuvered her into a corner then and landed some 20 unanswered rights and lefts to the women’s head.

The referee stepped in to stop the fight, but as he did, Ms. Pérez slumped to the canvas. She remained there for nearly 15 minutes while medical aides and a physician gave her oxygen and checked her for serious injury.

Eventually she improved enough to embrace Ms. Gabriel and share a few words through a translator.

The last time the pair met, Ms. Gabriel won on a technical knockout in the final 10th round. The class is super welterweight at 154 pounds. Ms. Gabriel weighed 153 and her opponent 151.

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