Kids in San Ramón getting a new nutrition and health center

The girls are engaged in a dramatization called the 'La Marcha de los Hormiguitas' or march of the little ants. Photos: Dirección Nacional de CEN-CINAI

Sometimes an event comes along that is just too cute not to share. Such was the case Thursday in Valle Escondido de San Ramón.

The Junta de Protección Social was donating 1.5 billion colons, some $3 million for child education and nutrition, but the youngsters stole the show.

The Junta runs the national lotteries and other games of chance. The money from these voluntary taxes on wishful thinking is distributed to good causes each year.

Derek Mora seems to be a reluctant frog as he croaks away during the inaugural of the new facilities.

The recipient Thursday was the Dirección Nacional de CEN-CINAL. That stands for Centros de Educación y Nutrición and Centros Infantiles de Nutrición y Atención Integral.

In addition to San Ramón a second facility will be built in Chacarita III, Puntarenas. These are areas where officials believe many of the children are at risk. The money also will go to remodeling eight centers around the country.

The San Ramón facility will benefit 120 youngsters up to age 13, officials said. The ceremony Thursday was a ground breaking.

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