Major beach cleanup planned Saturday on Gulf of Nicoya

Here is the mess that awaits volunteers on Playa de Guacalillo where human and natural trash has been deposited by the tides and the nearby river.

Saturday an estimated 300 persons will try to clean Playa de Guacalillo on the central Pacific coast.

This is an event sponsored by Terra Nostra and a number of private firms. The beach is near the mouth of the Río Grande de Tárcoles and is littered with trash from humans but also tree trunks and branches. The organization said it hoped that some artists would be able to make use of some of the wood for creative purposes.
Volunteers also will sweep other areas along the east side of the Gulf of Nicoya. Prominent sponsors are the Ministerio de Salud and Channel 7.

Some volunteers will leave la Sabana at 5:30 a.m. and will be joined by individuals who live on the central Pacific coast at 7 a.m. Terra Nostra said it hopes to clear a kilometer of beach and recycle much of the human trash.

Volunteers are expected to return to la Sabana by 2

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