Missing French couple sought on central Pacific coast

A French couple are being sought by police and agents because their car was found abandoned not far from where they had spent time in Quepos.

The names of the couple were not released, but the Judicial Investigating Organization said that the couple had not been seen since they left the Quepos hotel Thursday.

They were going south of Dominical hotel employees said they were told.

Their rented car raised suspicion because it was parked just off the Costanera Sur under a bridge over the Río Naranjo. That is not far south of Quepos. The Judicial Investigating Organization estimated the distance at 10 kilometers or about six miles.

The car was spotted first Thursday, said agents. A closer

inspection showed that the vehicle windows had been broken.

Agents said they inspected the vehicle but did not find any indication that a crime had taken place, they said. The Judicial Investigating Organization tentatively attributed a broken window to a passerby who may have heaved a rock at the unattended car.

Agents said that they would attempt to contact relatives to see if there had been any communication since Thursday.

The speculation on what may have happened ranges widely. The vehicle could have been abandoned due to a mechanical problem, however there does not seem to have been any notification to the rental car firm.

Or the couple could have been the victim of a bajanazo, a robbery hijacking. However, serious criminals usually torch a car to hide evidence.

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