President making a visit to the Caribbean coast

President Laura Chinchilla is visiting Limón today, in part to appear at the Feria Limón Emprende, which is being held at the Moín dock through Sunday.

Ms. Chinchilla is expected to visit about 5 p.m as part of a full day of inaugurations, press conferences in an effort to push her plans for development in the province. She will overnight on the Caribbean coast and visit Bribri, Talamanca, Saturday morning.

Some 15 food vendors and 26 handicraft artists are participating in the fair where 500 persons are expected each day.

The fair is part of the Limón Ciudad-Puerto project that seeks to improve the area’s infrastructure and the employment. The title of the fair can be translated as Limón in action.

Ms. Chinchilla begins her day with a 9 a.m. visit to the Escuela Beverly. She also will visit Pacuara High School and then help inaugurate a new set of judicial offices and then a new facility for the Instituto Nacional de Seguros in Limón Centro. In the afternoon she will visit the Limón prison and then speak with employees of the state-run petroleum refinery.

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