Repeal of mandatory tip hurts working class

I read the article about the new tourism group that is recommending the immediate repeal of the law that requires 10 percent added on to a check in a restaurant. This 10 percent goes to the wait staff as a gratuity. I find it very difficult to believe that this group actually wants to take this income away from people who work to support their families. 10 percent is a very reasonable amount to pay for a tip, and I know many people actually give more in cash to a waiter or waitress for exceptional service.

I see nothing wrong with this law at all. I see that this group is not asking for the immediate repeal of the 13 percent sales tax. Thats right: Make the little guy pay. The big guy stomping the little guy into the ground again. I hope the government files this recommendation right where it belongs — in the trash. I would just like to know which hotels are represented by members of this group so I can stay away from them and recommend my friends stay away.

James Siddall

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