Restaurant owner showed contempt for his patrons

I’ve lived in Costa Rica for 14 years, 12 of those in the neighborhood where Cafe Mundo is located. I’ve enjoyed literally hundreds of meals there over the years including birthday parties, Thanksgiving dinners, and meals with friends and business associates. I’ve known some of the wonderful staff for years.

Over the past year or so my impression is the food quality has suffered as the restaurant has grown larger. As they’ve expanded, they’ve enjoyed more and more business from groups of tourists who stay at many small hotels in the neighborhood.

When I found out Cafe Mundo received a warning from the health authorities 40 days before they were closed, I was amazed at the level of contempt demonstrated towards their clients. Imagine serving both locals and tourists, here for a limited time, food prepared in conditions the health authorities declared unacceptable. Health Department report is HERE.

Imagine the locals and tourists who suffered hours or days of disruption of plans and great discomfort because of the disregard of Cafe Mundo for their well being.

I will not return.

Charles Gohmann
San José

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